People saw my (extremely pale) stomach and no one died! Whoop!

All right, race results are finally up!  And I’m pretty dang happy with them 🙂  So, how’d the race go?  Well, let’s start with the fact that it was already in the mid 70’s by 9 a.m. and I am NOT a great warm-weather runner…

I was already melting on the warm-up.  I’d considered my cropped singlet top (figure 1) but had decided against it because it just looks so serious (see figure 1 again. Yep, she looks SERIOUS) and I was scared I’d have a bad race and look like a total fool running slow in a fast outfit.  But now the long, tank-top style singlet I’d selected was trapping the heat against my torso and I realized I could either preserve my modesty and blend into the crowd while slowly being stifled by the muggy morning heat or I could woman up, stop caring what people might think, and be brave enough to race in, *gasp*, a sports bra.

Figure 1:  Like this, only yellow and minus the freaking amazing abs and world class times 😛


What’s a girl to do?  I won’t lie, I hesitated briefly out of fear that I’d be judged for rocking the sports bra & shorty-shorts look while struggling to an extremely sub-elite 5k finish.  Like “look at that skank, who does she think she is?!?”  But then I thought about what I’d think if I saw another mid-packer or a 25 or 30 or 50 minute 5k-er running in a sports bra.  Would I judge her for wanting to feel comfortable?  Good lord, I hope not!  Plus, I was already serious enough about this race to be wearing flats, so I’d better not give up the advantage of maximum heat dissipation!  So off the shirt came and on went the number (hurrah for a little extra coverage ha ha).

It was a little uncomfortable standing at the start as the most skimpily dressed of the group but no one gave me any strange looks (they were probably distracted by the gal rocking the awesome full-body superman costume next to me).  The instant the gun went off any thoughts of self-consciousness flew to the back of my mind.  I completely forgot to think about my attire until mile 2 when I started to get hot and became extremely grateful for the cool breeze flowing gloriously past my ventilated stomach 🙂

I ended up as the first female (whoop!), 5th overall, and finally broke 20 for the first time since coming back from the mono/foot injury combo (19:41, a post-collegiate PR :D) – totally worth it!


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