Racing season completed, time for some mileage :)

Earlier this Spring I had planned to gradually build my mileage back up to around 30 miles/week.  However, I ended up having a fun little series of 5k races instead.  The 5k’s were fun and were a great boost to my running motivation, but the added stress of fast workouts and 5k races meant my foot wasn’t able to handle any mileage bumps over about 20 miles/week.  Last weekend I slipped under 20 minutes for the 5k (my goal for Spring) but definitely felt the lack of endurance in that last brutal mile.  If I’m going to get back into sub-19 territory I need some more miles in my legs (and workouts over 3 km!).  I’ve reached my goal for the season and just got a major pay cut moving from a full TA to a grader position, which means the race fees aren’t really worth it at the moment.  As a result I’ve decided to switch my focus back to building up mileage.  

Fish proposed the awesome summer build-up from her college cross-country days and since I’m a sucker for free training plans (whoop!) I said heck yes 🙂  We’re cutting out the first couple weeks since we’ve already been running and the build-up usually starts off from a 2 week post-track season break.  If anyone out there is doing some base training and is interested in the full progression I’d be happy to add the first couple weeks as well 🙂  

Here’s what this past week (week 3) looked like:


The Myrtle Hip Routine and Core-H are from Coach Jay Johnson’s set of supplementary work for runners.  His website has a few other awesome routines as well for anyone who has a bit more free time.  The toe work is my own compilation of exercises for my wonky foot/toe 😛  The leg set is 2-3 sets of 10 x single leg dead lifts, single leg squats, regular dead lifts, and calf raises.  This week wasn’t anything crazy in terms of mileage but a decent long run and a re-introduction to lifting.  The leg set killed my hamstrings, which made me feel like a bit of an old lady ha ha.  

Next week we’ll bump the mileage up a bit and do hills instead of a progressive run:



Can’t wait!



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