Long run day!

What I expected to feel like during my long run today:

(Sunglasses of seriousness, so ready for the heat & sun! Imagining super abs & some swiftness producing race attire!)



How I actually felt after getting up too late & consequentially melting in the mid-day heat for 7 miles:


My hands were so sweaty I could barely take a picture. Charming, I know 😛

I did have a few enjoyable moments on the run though – mainly every time I crossed under the roadway along the river. Lovely concrete tunnels full of glorious cool shade 😀




2 thoughts on “Long run day!

  1. I totally know how you feel after my 10k on saturday I was the same. Although I think where you are it was probably hotter, those tunnels look like they are sooo nice and cool away from the scorching sun! Good job on that distance though, impressive! 🙂

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