First morning run out of the way…

Over the last couple weeks I’ve realized my usual evening run time isn’t really ideal. Although it’s nearly perfect physically (fully fueled/hydrated, legs have been walking about a bit & are warmed up, my brain is actually awake, etc) but evening runs also mean I haven’t actually had a sit-down dinner with MountainMan in almost 2 weeks and I tend to get kind of amped up post-run and end up staying up til 11 or 12. This is fine for me (night owl, yay) but tends to make MM a little grouchy since he has to get his sleepy early-bird self into bed all on his lonesome. Also it’s hot as balls until 8 or 9pm here now and it gets dark just a little after 9pm. Lame 😛

So I’ve decided to do my best to make a habit of joining MM on his morning runs with the dog. Managed to drag my butt out of bed this morning and it was actually really lovely getting out in the cool morning air and watching the sunrise. Here’s hoping I can keep it up even as my morning runs get longer & I need to get up earlier! Wish me luck 🙂


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