Long run – getting better!

Today’s long run was way better than last week’s! I hit about the same overall paces but just felt way less crummy (in spite of closing down the bar with some friends last night…oops). I hit the horse trail instead of the paved walking path since there weren’t any horse groups out this morning.


It’s so much prettier (and shadier, yay!) than the manicured grass along the pavement:



I managed 7.5 miles total and felt pretty great til the last 1.5. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I stopped with 1 to go and ate a GU 😛 I usually feel like I shouldn’t need any fuel for anything under 10 miles (especially when they cost $1-2 each!), but I’d packed one along since I hadn’t had time to eat more than a handful of cereal for breakfast. On the plus side the GU pepped my legs up and let me finish strong and I figured out a new way to close the GU back up when I only want ½:

Mini binder clips! Tear, slurp, and close like so:


May be a bit fussy for races but worked well here – no GU in my back pocket at the end of the run ha ha.


I sped through the last mile & actually had the energy to do things like stretch & roll out when I got home instead of crumpling to the floor and taking a little nap on the carpet. I might actually be getting some of my endurance back!


Any readers have cool tips for dealing with GU/other fuel during races?


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