New-from-the-old summer tank top







Finally finished a project I’ve been working on for a few weeks – a striped summer top from one of MountainMan’s old button-up shirts.


(pardon the poor quality photographs, the lighting in our apartment is pretty darn awful)

The (size L, men’s button up) shirt had a stain up near one shoulder so I figured I could cut it down to make a sleeveless top. I left the shoulder seams intact and removed the collar, cutting a scoop neck. I’m quite a bit narrower in the torso than MM so I cut new side seams (basing the shape on another tank top that fits a bit loose) and then sewed it up. If I could do it again I’d have done a side-seam dart to get the armholes right – I ended up having to do a  dart in the armhole and it’s not particularly pretty work.

I added a few snaps to prevent gapping at the bust and some bust darts to keep the shape more loose-but-fitted and less “look ma, I’m wearin’ a tent!”





I was getting some tension creases across the lower back so I ended up making it a split-back and then adding a middle panel underneath so that I can wear the top to work. If I were doing it again I might try to find a contrasting, lightweight fabric (maybe something semi-sheer in cream) to use for that middle panel…or to just replace the whole back under the horizontal upper-back seam. May do that anyhow actually once I get sick of the current back 😉

I finished the neckline and armholes with some binding tape that I’d made from leftover fabric. Unfortunately the neck is a bit pucker, but hopefully the iron will take care of that!

I sure as heck wouldn’t submit this top to a 4-H competition but I don’t think the flaws are glaring enough for a casual observer to note and it’ll work just fine for wearing about in this summer heat.


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