Tempo tuesday (again)

Fish and I had our 2nd progressive/tempo run of the summer today. It was about 30 – 40 degrees hotter than the last time we did this – no snow this time! Just brutal, mind-melting sunshine and the nauseating smell of the dried out duck pond 😛

We started off with the usual 10 minutes easy, hitting about 5-10 seconds faster than last time (yay!). I felt pretty good at that point so decided to push the middle 10 minute section harder than 2 weeks ago. I took off on the downhill that marks the start of the 2nd segment and had a great first five minutes (minutes 10 through 15 overall). I felt strong and fast…and then ran squarely into the “hot weather” wall. On the first hill of the second loop I suddenly started gasping for air and my throat dried up to a phlegmy, burning tube. I practically crawled up the second hill of the loop and wanted to cry at the realization that I still had ~15 minutes left…and still had to pick it up! I ended up finishing the second ten minute segment about a minute faster per mile than the first segment, and caught up to another gal who was running the loop.

I quickly realized that she was hauling ass. As I gritted my teeth and hit my watch to start the last ten minute segment I realized that fast-gal was totally holding me off. I was speeding up and wasn’t even close to reeling her in! I decided to try to stick with the blonde pony tail swinging just a few meters ahead (luckily she had earbuds in and couldn’t hear my labored panting. Nobody needs that). I can’t decide if having her there helped or just made me feel like crap – it was great having someone to chase during that last painful segment, but she was also totally kicking my butt…and looking much more relaxed than me while she did it!

I dragged my butt through the last two hills, hanging on to my oblivious new training partner with everything I had. She finally turned off of the path with about three minutes to go in the segment and I managed to gut out the last bit on my own. I actually managed to hold my form and push the last bit once I realized that I was going to make it at least as far as two weeks ago.

I ended up getting about 200 m further than last time and averaged about 7 seconds per mile faster (Each ten minute segment at 7:42 pace, 6:59 pace, and 6:43 pace respectively for 7:07 pace overall). Fish was only a little ways back and improved her overall pace by about the same amount. We both suffered much more than last time, but with the rise in temps I’m just proud of us for holding it together so well!

2014-07-08 20.42.28


I am soooo good looking after essentially being broiled alive. Yessiree…

Anyone else have a tough time adjusting to working out in the summer heat?




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