The dreaded blahs…

I’m feeling really mentally blah this week on runs – just unfocused and tired every time I step out the door. I skipped my run this morning because I got out of bed and realized the prospect of running 9 miles with absolutely nothing interesting to think about was just too unpleasant to deal with at the moment. The run has now been re-scheduled to later today…at least I’ll be more awake by this evening.

I’m only running 20-30 mile weeks so I doubt I’ve managed to overtrain. I’m not sure if the mentally “blah” feelings are because of the unusually long, concentrated bouts of writing that I’ve been doing (50 hours of actual writing and figure revision time this week. My brain is, understandably, a bit fried :P), the fact that I’ve been getting far less sleep than usual (as a result of all the freaking writing I’ve been cramming in…), or if I’m just finally running enough that I *need* more mental focus to get me through the marginally longer runs. The lack of races may have something to do with it as well…having a goal to focus on is immensely helpful on those less delightful runs and would provide a nice distraction from the thesis thoughts that keep creeping in around the edges of my mind even while out on the roads.

Hopefully I can just gut out tonight’s run and somehow make it through the next few weeks… 


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