Switching gears – sewing break

**********If you just want to see my awesomesauce sewing project and don’t want to hear about the grad school chaos, skip to the pics 😉 ****************

So I didn’t make the summer thesis defense deadline. I put in about 5 weeks at 45-60 hours/week, ending with this past week where frantic writing led to putting in 30 hours between Monday and Wednesday morning. No running, little sleeping, and a steady diet of ramen and instant oatmeal. And then I met with my advisor on Wednesday and we came to the conclusion that there was just no way that I was going to finish in time to defend by the deadline.

I crashed pretty hard – all the frantic energy turned into guilt that I wasn’t done and anxiety about paying for the coming semester. I applied for TAships the day before the application deadline and (thank God!) got a half-TA and half-grader position from one of the professors who I’ve TA’d for in the past. Now if I can find a part-time internship I may just survive…

Since Wednesday I’ve been catching up on sleep and filling out forms for financial aid and hanging out with the career counselor to improve my resume writing skills. Good times! Yesterday (Friday) was my first run since last weekend and it was ROUGH…but it was good to be back out there! Today I decided to do some sewing – I’ll come back to writing hard next week, but my mind needs a bit of a rest. There is some guilt accompanying all the self-care I’ve been doing the last couple days, but I’ve been madly cleaning ALL THE THINGS and that helps a bit. Productive slacking, yay!


Anyhowwww, here’s the sewing project that I did today 🙂

*Workout top with gathered halter neckline from T-shirt*

Halter neck workout top - front view

Detail of the neck:

Halter neck workout top - neck detail

And the back!

Halter neck workout tank - back view


I actually started this top from a workout tank that I’d made previously using this tutorial.

The knot and wrapping at the back were bugging me because they are a little uncomfortable if you want to do exercises on your back (crunches, leg raises, bench press on a firm bench, etc).

So I unmade the back part and then used some strips of red jersey knit to add some character to the new workout top.


You can follow the steps below if you’d like to create your own top with the same design:


1 shirt (or tank top)

1 strip of jersey knit or similar ~ 12 inches by 4-6 inches (will be cut into 4 strips)

straight pins

fabric shears

needle & thread/sewing machine (could sew by hand as well)


First, deconstruct the tank top (or skip to 2 if you’re starting from a t-shirt)

2014-08-16 15.33.16


After the basic top is constructed, add the strips of fabric that make up the neck and back (I oriented the jersey strips so that the strip for the neck band stretches, while the strips for the back don’t have much give. Since the weight of the shirt doesn’t hang on the back strips unless you keep the top fairly loose you’ll probably be fine either way)

2014-08-16 15.33.26

The neck and back strips are the most time consuming and can be a little tricky. Here’s a more detailed view of mine, turned inside out and viewed from the back:

2014-08-16 15.34.58


You could also braid the strips, use a single thick strip, etc. Have fun with it!

This project should work for anything from a fitted T-shirt to an oversized tank top/singlet/sports jersey as long as there’s a bit of stretch to it. Good luck!


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