Morning run

My get-up-and-run-in-the-morning plan has been a bit on and off…mostly off lately 😛

This morning I actually managed to get up with MountainMan and head out the door when he and the fur baby left for their (much faster) run. This morning’s run did hit all the reasons I dislike morning runs – I’m was stiff, dehydrated, spooked by the dark, and sleepy beyond belief. And it was freakishly hot/humid out already. Starting the day off with a little armpit chaffing isn’t actually my idea of a good time 😛

However, I also remembered the reasons I love morning runs – I got to do something productive and healthy before the sun even came up, it was quiet and calm, and I got to watch this sky transform as the sun came up:

2014-08-18 06.12.20

Those clouds made the park a little too dark to run around (dark + grass with ankle twisting holes = no good) but watching the pink tint from the rising sun slowly spreading across the underside of each puffy cloud was amazing 🙂 


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