Wednesday workout – mile repeats & 200’s for a little dose of speed

I jumped back into workouts today after skipping basically all quality days last week. I woke up early and was able to get out to the park by 7:30, which meant I got to enjoy this gorgeous view during my warmup 🙂

2014-08-20 07.38.15

I also got to dodge a few sprinklers, but fortunately those turned off by the time I’d finished scouting out the loop to use for my repeats. The plan was 2 by a mile at 6:45 pace (comfortably hard/projected 5k pace for similar terrain) with 4 minutes recovery and then 4 x 200m fast with full recovery (waiting til heart rate drops down to about 130 BPM) between repeats. I marked off a mile loop with sticks every quarter mile around the perimeter of the park – I included a few decent hills in order to follow the “path”, a slightly packed down strip of grass that circumscribes the main fields. Plus, hills are perfect XC prep, hurrah!

The last time I ran this loop (2 weeks ago) I had a pretty rough day and only managed a single repeat at just under 7 minute pace. My legs felt a little better today (plus, sleep – so much more of it this week!!!) so I was hoping hitting 2 repeats in 6:45 wasn’t as far fetched as it looked on paper.

I did all the fun drills/stridey stuff, grabbed a last sip of water, and headed to the start. Took a deep breath and took off up the hill that spans the first quarter mile. I hit halfway feeling strong and only started feeling the strain going through the last 200m. I went out a bit fast and finished the first rep in 6:29 – this sort of pacing usually means it’s either going to be an awesome workout or a total disaster 😛

4 minutes flew by and I headed out on rep 2 a little out of breath. The 2nd mile was definitely tougher, but I managed to eke out a 6:30! Hurrah for not dying!!! I also managed to avoid tripping over any of the half-a-dozen dogs or their elderly owners who meandered absentmindedly into my path. Hopefully I didn’t scare any of them too badly with my wheezing 😛

I jogged the 4 min recovery and measured out a 200m segment (I use the Strava app on my phone for measuring routes and timing – I’d love a GPS watch but food & rent…and tuition…come first. Plus my right arm is definitely getting buffer from carrying my phone ha ha). The 200’s were fun (as always) and then I was done!

Oh yea, and in a typical display of workout-induced absentmindedness, I managed to bring a pair of flats to try on (the whole reason I drove instead of ran to the park) and then forgot to change into them for the 200’s. Sigh.

Anyone else experience runner brain or is it just me?


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