31 miles, hurrah!

finally made it out of the 20’s for my weekly mileage!!! With a tough workout AND a long run thrown in there! This event has been far too long in coming – I somehow got stuck in the mid-high 20’s seemingly forever and then had a couple rough weeks with trying to finish up my thesis (barely over 10 miles last week, yowch).



Equally exciting, I got to run with Fish for the first time in ages this morning – she’s been off doing fun things like taking the bar exam and gallivanting around Europe. Ookay, so one of those things was a little more fun than the other 😉 The weather here has decided to suddenly shift into Fall mode and I ended up shivering through the first mile of our run in LONG SLEEVES!!! Crazy stuff! I’m hoping to race an afternoon 4k (cross country! with college gals! Ack) in 2 weeks so I’m hoping the cooler weather holds.

On the academic front I’m prepping for the start of the semester, which means I’m basically sitting here feeling anxious but refusing to do any actual work until 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. I’m TAing the same course as last Spring but (thankfully!) only a single lab section for a much smaller class (only ~25-30 students total). In addition, I’ll be working with just one other instructor – the wife from the husband-wife professor duo that taught the course last year. I get along well with her and I’m really looking forward to not sitting through any hour-plus meetings this time around. She also gave me some supportive feedback regarding failing to finish my thesis in time. Apparently writing up her dissertation drove her to (uncharacteristic for her) sleeping in as late as possible every day that she had to write just to avoid starting the dreaded task. It’s validating to hear from people who’ve actually made it through the process that the thesis/dissertation write-up IS actually a tough piece of work and that it’s normal for the process to drag on longer than expected. One can only write so much in a day before one’s brain turns to sobbing mush – something I tend to forget until it’s too late 😛

Here’s hoping the semester starts off well!

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