Weekly workout – 4 x 1k (allll the pain)

I got out to the park to do a workout today and it was EXCELLENT. Painful and brutal and oh my *gosh* I am dead, but excellent nonetheless 😉

I had 3 x 1200 m on the schedule for yesterday, but ended up calling it off due to some foot tightness that threatened to blossom into full blown pain if I pushed too hard. I did the warm up and then called it good for the day. Today the foot felt much better (hurrah!) and I decided to give it a go. I did end up switching it up to 4 x 1000m since there’s a bit of a nasty hill right before the 1200 meter mark on the park loop that I wanted to use (didn’t want to start off down it every other rep). My goal pace was 3:55 – 4:00 per kilometer with a fairly short recovery (2 minutes). Last time I did this workout (3 weeks ago on a much flatter loop) I hit around 4:00 to 4:05 and just about died so I figured dropping 10 seconds per repeat would be a challenge.

I was actually expecting the workout to be pretty awful – I’d been popping Vitamin I (Ibuprofen :P) all day to hold a particularly nasty case of cramps to a level where I could still function and was worried I’d get a nice cramp + Ibuprofen-stomach combo mid-workout. I wasn’t feeling great mentally either but figured I’d better get the workout over with or I wouldn’t ever do it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how un-horrific it turned out to be. I went out fast, hitting the first repeat in 3:51 and then managed to hold on, finishing 2 – 4 in 3:49, 3:55, and 3:58. The last repeat was tough – my legs felt pretty dead and I just wanted it to be OVER. We used to do a similar workout in college (but with 6 x 1k, oof) and it felt pretty similar so the effort was about right. Great mental training for hanging tough in those painful mid to late stages of the 5k!photo

Also I had great idea to take a  *lovely* selfie in the creepy, prison-like park bathroom. That is what oxygen deprivation does to your decision making skills folks…excellent for a laugh though 😉

Hope all the other runners out there are rocking their workouts this week 😀


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