Life just flying by…

This week just flew by! Ack :0


1) I got a running headlamp! Which means I can now run in the dark early mornings without worrying about falling into invisible holes in the ground, or tripping on curbs, or scaring the bejeezus out of folks sitting at the bus stops. It’s also helpful for locating emergency porta-potties when you decide to do silly things like eat habanero-filled salsa for dinner the evening before…


2) Actually got to hang out with some other grad students at a trivia event. It was lovely kicking some trivia butt with a team of smarty-pants engineering grad students. It was also amazingly helpful to talk through the challenges we’ve all been facing with grad school and job searches and funding, etc. It’s so much easier to handle the anxiety when you know you’re not alone! Plus, drinks and an excuse to eat unhealthy, but delicious, pub food 🙂


3) Took a few days off running early in the week, which means 2 weekend days of trails!!! So far I’ve managed to find a hill with a 38% grade (not so pleasant) and some gorgeous views (much more enjoyable!)

More trails tomorrow!


Not what you want to see when the only other trail goes straight up the side of a hill…IMG_0170


The hill! Deceptively mild looking in this shot…


The view from the top (towards town…and the throat-burning haze. Ick…)


The other view from the top (towards the canyon – still pretty hazy)

IMG_0184 IMG_0185

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