Just the boost I needed

Science-wise, this week has been awesome – I got to attend an awesome talk on the Mars rover, a cool seminar on gesture and technology used in design, and got to spend my Friday evening making little origami circuits, playing video games, and eating (free!) pizza with MountainMan. I even got through a chapter of thesis revisions (woohoo!!!).


Using little LEDs to mimic the tapeta lucida of course 😉

However, this week was not so hot on the running front. I ended up getting a nasty cold early in the week and barely made it through each day before heading home to pass out on the couch. I made it through teaching, a good chunk of thesis revisions, and prepping for a mid-week career fair, but struggled to get through even the shortest, slowest runs. I managed a grand total of 10 miles for the week and was feeling pretty bummed about losing the little bit of fitness that I’d finally built up.

However, today I got just the boost that I needed. I got in a cough & sniffle-free 5-miler and even did some drills! Best of all, I’ve apparently regained some spring in my step – an older lady came up to me while I was doing drills and told me “It’s just so fun to watch you glide along like that! So much energy!”  Awww 🙂



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