When I got back from my long run today (9 miles, longest run in over a year!) MountainMan and I were chatting and he said, a bit out of the blue, that I should consider focusing on the half marathon once my foot is back to full strength. His reasoning? “You race really well at that distance.”

Although his words may not be completely true – I’ve only raced the distance twice and both times I’ve been forced to a crawl the last mile or two due. However, I have also learned that I can run a pretty decent 10 miles and finish a half 1) without adequate fuel (oops…turns out a 200 cal breakfast 3 hrs before & no on course fueling is a terrible idea), and 2) without adequate training (13.1 mile trail race over mud and mountains after barely getting over 20 miles/week and a (pancake flat) 11 mile long run? Sure!).

So maybe with decent training (and some practice slurping down gels mid-run) I could actually run a decent half on the roads. At the very least the idea will give me something to dream about on the long, cold runs this winter 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. For me it’s always the goal distance that’s hard! I completely hear what you say when you’re happy with the 10 miles but not the complete race. *BOTH* of the 25K’s I’ve done within the last year I’ve reached the half marathon point and just wanted to collapse but been forced to death march most of the rest in.

    You can do it! Dream, run and you’ll get there 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Seriously, why does that awful dead-leg feeling always come out of nowhere with no warning? I always feel so great til it hits! Even though it’s painful every time I’m excited to keep trying til I figure out how to get through it ha ha.

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