It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down, process my thoughts, and write! Fortunately, this crazy whirlwind of activity has been due to happy occurrences rather than unwanted stress. Since I’ve last posted I’ve:

1) Run 50 miles with 4,500 feet total elevation gain and accompanying gorgeous views up and down the canyons.


*Sidenote: It finally feels like Fall here! Brrrr…but as long as I can still wear shorts I’m totally down with the cooler weather 🙂


**And I am still doing morning runs as often as possible. I *love* it 😛IMG_0262

2) I completed 3!!! more thesis chapters (note that these were *almost* done, but if feels AMAZING to have them officially moved to the “FinalDraft” folder),

3) received two internship offers and accepted one of them (squee, so excited to start on Monday!),


4) ran a 10k within 3 minutes of my PR and met some awesome runners along the way. Finished 2nd overall/1st female with these runnerly gentlemen:


Oof! I’m simultaneously exhausted and thrilled just thinking about everything 🙂 Hope everyone’s weeks have been equally packed with awesome events!


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