Running goals – now that we’re partway through November…

November started off with a bang – my longest run in over 2 years and a race all in the span of a few hours on November 1st. Really freaking glad that didn’t come back to haunt me with flared up injuries 😛  Since then my focus has been shifted away from running. I think I’ll end up with a little under 15 miles for this week, which is partly due to taking some time off to let my legs recover from their ordeal last weekend.

At this point, my calves, feet, and hip flexors have (almost) fully recovered and I’d like to have a small routine to help me get through the beginning of daylight savings and the cold weather.  Over the next 10 9 (ack!) days I plan to get a short run in most days and longer runs as possible, but will ultimately be focused on making it to and surviving my thesis defense. I haven’t *quite* started panicking yet but I feel a little sick every time I think about the *talking in front of people-who-aren’t-my-students for 30+ minutes* part :[

After that delightful event is over, maybe I’ll have to sit down with my training log and put together an *actual* plan.  My thoughts so far:

1) I’ve been enjoying the hills, so I think having an elevation gain goal each week will stay even though I don’t have any hilly races on the horizon.

2) I might keep a short workout on the schedule each week just to keep a little spring in my legs, but want to do some base training as well.  Maybe I’ll get back into long runs and actually get some 10+ milers in!

3) Although I’m not really a fan, I’ll probably squeeze the last little bit of value out of the my student rec membership and spend some time at the Field House spinning away on the stationary bike…

4) I really freaking need to get back to doing ab/shoulder/core work. Let’s pretend I’ll have loads of time after my thesis defense instead of less time because I’ll apparently be writing 2 papers and applying for jobs on top of my internship and TA work. Ah well, it’s a good thing I enjoy being busy!!!

Pretty nebulous at the moment, but at least I have some sort of November vision 😉 Anyone else have some fun November goals (running or otherwise)?  We all need something to get us through these dark, cold days…


2 thoughts on “Running goals – now that we’re partway through November…

  1. We all need something to get us through these dark, cold days…

    Ugh. It gets reaaaaally cold and dark in Pittsburgh during the winter. Already I’ve been missing out on the sun quite a bit–I get to work before the sun rises and leave after it sets. Don’t let anyone tell you seasonal depression isn’t a real thing! Running is pretty much what gets me through it. So I should probably make some November goals soon. Hmm…

  2. Ugh, I hate the whole working dark-to-dark part of winter 😦 It’s a little better for me lately now that I spend a few days in an office with actual windows ha ha. Basement labs are the worst.

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