For promoting ‘coolness’ in science & engineering: Philae lander tattoos >>>> shirts that objectify women

Several women and men have spoken out about That Shirt and the problems that it represents…and have subsequently gotten *fun* responses like death and rape threats. Oh yay :[  Many scientists/sci comm folks have also written eloquently about the event, sexism in sci/engineering, and WHY this shirt is just a small part of a much larger problem. I’ve generally wimped out and stayed out of the fray – it is seriously nasty out there folks.

However, between bouts of grading and defense prep I have been pre-occupied by the issue and wanted to at least do *something*.  So, I’m sharing this article, which provides a summary of the events and discusses both the inappropriate shirt choice AND plans for a totally brilliant women-in-science shirt.

***Yes, fun shirts are lovely and awesome! They represent a great option for busting out of the all-business-no-fun scientist/engineer stereotype. But maybe pick a *different* cool shirt on the day that you’re going to be on a widely-viewed broadcast of an internationally-important event, ok? A print that objectifies women, presented in the context of a traditionally male-dominated field and worn while the wearer is representing his entire team and their mind-blowing engineering/scientific accomplishment, is kind of a downer…

(The lead Project Scientist who wore That Shirt apologized for the style gaff. And, as a side-note, has a *totally awesome* Philae lander tattoo, among others, that’s shown in the linked article.)


3 thoughts on “For promoting ‘coolness’ in science & engineering: Philae lander tattoos >>>> shirts that objectify women

  1. The nastiness surrounding this whole snafu reminds me of the GamerGate nonsense. Props to the project scientist for immediately apologizing! I suspect he’s a good person who just didn’t think through the ramifications of his seemingly-trivial decision. As for the rest of the Internet… >_<

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