So, I defended my thesis…

…and passed!!! (pending a teensy bit of extra work…shhhhhh)  Celebratory hot chocolate/beer/cookies/giddy-prancing-through-of-hallways all around 😀


Bunches of friends & lab mates came and asked excellent questions and complemented my excellent taste in cookies (m&m! Not homemade but good enough to fool a couple people into asking…). I got my ass slightly kicked in the committee interrogation session…but thoroughly enjoyed the awesome discussions and idea that came along with the discomfort of being reminded just how little I know. If only I actually had time to implement all the fabulous suggestions! Sigh…

And I went running after! And took the evening (mostly) off from work! And drank Irish Cream-spiked hot cocoa from a Tardis mug. Basically just went wild 😉


Aaaaaand now I’m back to busting my butt because it turns out that my material model was absurdly simplistic for the stress range that my simulations are hitting. Plastic deformation, what’s that??? Maybe I should have sat down and THOUGHT about what the material models actually meant for my conditions instead of just running around doing silly things due to overwhelming stress.  Anyhow, now I get to re-run everything with a *better* material model! Excited to see the results, less excited about the lack of sleep…


*Rawwwr, CPUs doing a llllll the running!*


2 thoughts on “So, I defended my thesis…

  1. Congratulations!!! A well-earned successful defense 🙂

    I’m currently working on my presentation…96 hours left to go! Though a run after sounds like a much better idea; my plan was to run before but I feel like that could potentially backfire.

    Also, I *LOVE* the screenshot of maxing out the computer cores. I’ve been doing exactly the same thing of late.

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