Thanksgiving break running :)

I finally got my new training journal last Tuesday before leaving for Thanksgiving break up in practically-Canada with MountainMan’s parents. This means I finally got my butt in gear, set some goals, and started doing something resembling actual training again.


My main goal — qualifying for club track nationals in the 5k. I ran about a minute faster back in my undergrad days, but I am soooo far from that kind of shape right now…

I can’t decide if this goal is slightly insane or actually reasonable, but if it gets me out the door in the dark, frigid depths of winter it’s worth the dreaming 😉


Yea, that’s going to take some work…


My first workout in the new log was a turkey trot with MountainMan and the fur-baby – 4 miles of striding out at tempo pace preceded by a *lovely* 14-hour overnight car ride and no warmup. We both felt surprisingly good, but I was still glad to discover that the ‘race’ was a very unofficial affair – no timing, no set distance, and free coffee, cocoa, and cookies for all! It was hosted by a very *classy* establishment (The Snakepit, actually pretty intriguing – filled with all the random antique logging paraphernalia and dead animal parts):


The fun-run had epic views like so:



Yes, that is delicious smelling woodsmoke. It rained. There were pine trees and slugs and little hoppy birds and happy runners 🙂  A pretty dang awesome way to start our Thanksgiving!


The rest of the week was spent savoring the dirt roads, brisk air, and wide open views – so nice to get out of the city for a change…






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