Week 1 done, back on track!

I signed up for a January 5k and got MountainMan to write up a workout schedule – being married to an exercise physiology nerd is pretty awesome sometimes 😉

Just finished week 1: 21 miles, a 7 mile long run, and a few up-tempo runs and strides to get some turnover back in the legs. This was my most consistent week since the end of October – felt great to actually have the motivation to get out the door even after some very long days at work/in the lab!

With a 4 day week (Monday was a travel day) I still managed to squeeze in all my TA duties, a good chunk of research, and 20 internship hours…by working early and late and turning the weekend into more of a worked. Ugh. Another hour of writing and then bed…I’d be lying if I said I can’t wait to succumb to empty-minded unconsciousness 😛


This week also provided a good reminder of why I run – it doesn’t necessarily help solve the injustice and tragedies that I watch ripping through the world, but at least gives my mind a chance to process and release emotions into the pavement through my pounding feet. I run after watching the news and while worrying about friends and as I strain to reconcile the conflicting thoughts flying through my head. And then there are runners like these two men, who actually accomplished something concrete with their running: Men run 540 miles to Ferguson, raising donations for bail and court fees for arrested protesters.




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