I hi there…

I’ve been a leeeetle busy. This past week turned into 5 solid days of up-at-6, write/run models, head to internship at 8, work til 5, drag my tired self out the door to run, then write/data/stare perplexedly at model til bedtime, with a dash of job hunting, TAing, and Christmas shopping thrown in for variety. Oof!

I *also* got to watch the lab students play glorified robot beer pong for their final project demos. Alas, there was a total absence of beer and wayyy too many “hold my balls” jokes that I had to pretend not to overhear. This would be easier if I didn’t have the sense of humor of a 4th grader…


The weekend started out a little more chill – I totally gave up on getting any grading done and focused on internship work and research instead. I had some fun learning about the joy of macros in Abaqus and diving back into Matlab to do some data analysis. Things were peachy until I ended up stress-crying over the keyboard of my laptop yesterday afternoon because I panicked while emailing my advisor about the results that I’d finally gotten through analyzing. Basically, my most recent model turned out to spit out totally un-converged rubbish that was totally not going to make it into a decent form for my thesis in time for the deadline. My stressed out brain decided that this probably meant I was NEVER GOING TO GRADUATE EVERRRRRR.

Luckily, MountainMan saved me from turning into a total wreck by kicking me out into the cold for an 8-mile run and then taking my tired, ravenous self out for Indian food. He’s a sweetie 😉

Well, since I shared the brief moment of utter despair and panic was the low point of my week, I better share the high point too:


My first morning run in a *very* long time. I’ve been sticking to evening lately since MM’s been being a bum too and neither of us gets out of bed on time. I ended up running through the most glorious sunrise EVER and got to head to work full of endorphins and joy – hurrah!

In total, worked too many hours (ok, so “only” 55. It felt like more, ok?!?), ran just enough (25 miles, hurrah!), and survived to do it all over again this week 🙂


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