The week before Christmas…

Things got a little crazy-but-festive this week. Finally got around to working on Christmas gifts in addition to the usual craziness. I’m sewing most of my gifts this year using my favorite non-computerized household machine:



This thing is so old it doesn’t even do zig-zag. But I love it anyhow.


Continuing in the holiday theme, I’ve also gotten to marvel at MountainMan’s poinsettia growing skills (my mother inevitably kills hers, shhhh) and enjoy an evening of hot cocoa and Doctor Who with the ballerina-sister once she got through her Junior year finals. Doctor Who is swiftly becoming a holiday tradition…and I love it 😉

IMG_0752 IMG_0763

(Left) Bad to eat, (Right) excellent to eat.

In summary, it’s been absolutely grand being off of my internship this week and not having to cram in research in the early morning/late evening! Having some free time feels absolutely luxurious. I have simulations running, but luckily they don’t require much nurturing unless they decide to crash.

The best moment of my week came today when I managed to actually submit my final thesis draft to the thesis office. Finallllyyyyyyyy!!!!! 140 pages of *thrilling* literature review, methods, data, and discussion. I was nearly defeated by a barrage of jammed printers but finally got it out, signed, and handed it to a thesis-officer, who resides in a building that appears to have stayed exactly the same since sometime in the early 1900’s. Fitting then that they require hard-copies 😉

Hurrah! Now I just need to wrap up some final simulations and get some papers put together. And find an actual full-time job! Everything is going to be shifting around like crazy shortly!



Isn’t it *glorious*????

On the running side, things have been going well. I’m holding steady in the mid-20’s for my weekly mileage and I got to throw in some hard 1 k’s and 300’s today, with no ill effects. I’d love to bump my mileage up, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

On a side note, I’m really going to miss this view from the local track if I end up moving for work. Nothing beats the epic mountain views from the tracks of Salt Lake – every single oval has inspiring views of the Wasatch range, which is currently frosted with snow. Excellent inspiration mid-workout 🙂



Hope everyone’s holidays are going well!




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