Not much to report…

Not much to report over here, but I figure I’d better write a little something up or I’ll get out of the habit (what a tragedy that would be ;P)

I’ve been a complete bum since turning my thesis in and have been savoring the opportunity to relax (almost) totally guilt-free with my family over the holiday break. I have a few job applications to work on and simulations to check periodically, but otherwise I’m completely free to gorge myself on chocolates, watch movies with my sis and parents, and curl up on the couch with a few good books 🙂

Running has been going well – 28 miles this week with 1 great workout (2x1k, 2x300m on the track) and one crummy workout that still worked my legs pretty well (2 mile uphill tempo that turned into 1.5 uphill with much crying and gnashing of teeth after going out wayyyy too fast). I got in 8 miles on my old stomping grounds today and even got to meet up with an old teammate for the final 4 miles. I’ve got a couple weeks til my first race since November (an uphill 5k this time) and I’m feeling strong!



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