Posting goals for 2015

As you may have noticed, I’m not particularly systematic as far as this blog goes. The name about sums it up – I post about an assortment of things on a fairly erratic schedule. My goals in having a blog are 1) to share my experiences in the hopes that someone else might find something useful/interesting, 2) to connect with others with similar interests, and 3) to give myself a fun creative outlet.

However, I would like to add more direction to my writing time as I start the new year. I have two aims that I’ll try to work towards over the next 12 months:

1) Write with purpose. Start posts with a general outline of where they are going and WHY I am writing them. I’m great at aimless rambling, but that’s not always the most satisfying thing to read.

2) Add in some biomechanics! I’ve been getting plenty of science and engineering-focused writing in with my thesis, but now that that is done I’d like to have some sort of writing assignment in order to encourage myself to keep on top of the literature. My goal for now is to write about a recent biomechanics paper each week over a series of 1 – 7 posts. I’ll be focusing on orthopaedic biomechanics but might branch out if I see a particularly *AWESOME* comparative/soft tissue/sports biomechanics paper or whatnot. I’ll try to keep it interesting and not bore anyone to tears…and I’ll clearly mark those posts so any non-biomech folks who don’t want to hear about femur fractures or catastrophic implant failures can skip them 😉 However, I will also try to keep my writing relatively jargon-free (or at least jargon-defined) so that my posts are accessible rather than prickly and hostile to non-biomechanics readers.

Happy (late) New Year!


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