Downside: I apparently strained my calf juuuust enough to make it cramp up annoyingly any time I try to run more than 1 mile. This is a little concerning for the uphill 5k that I’m supposed to be running tomorrow…

Upside: While cross-training I discovered that I can now do lunges without getting shooting pains in my right toe. Previously, lunges with my right leg back and right toe in extension had been pretty much impossible to do without discomfort. Encouraging evidence that I may eventually have a normal right foot again!

A little more upside but mildly annoyed: I don’t think the calf injury is serious – the cramping eases up if I take a few walking steps whenever the pain starts, and it doesn’t hurt post-run or when doing calf raises. It’s just really crummy timing since I don’t want to race hard and potentially make it worse, but I also don’t like the idea of throwing $35 bucks down the drain. Ugh…


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