Still cross-training, but at least I’ve been getting outdoors!

Trying to do bodyweight/lifting-type activities every day was kicking my butt…and severely depleting my motivation. I had a few slacking-off days earlier this week and realized I was just plain *bored* with my indoor workouts. To combat this, I’ve added in some walking, hiking, and biking! I’d still prefer to be running, but I think the variety will do me good in the long term, and getting outside (even if it’s on wheels and hiking boots instead of running shoes) has been a wonderful mood boost.


Turn-around point on today’s ride – 12 miles of trying to remember how to not fall over while clipping in/out and braving some small hills.


Yesterday’s hike – smoggy, but pretty views nonetheless. Also, I managed to slip on some ice and sit right in the only giant, goopy brown mud puddle on the entire trail and spent the 2nd half of my hike looking like I’d had a bit of a toilet mishap. Awkward :-S


Here there be eagles! And lots of deer poop.

IMG_1027 IMG_1021  IMG_1016

Some old gentleman made fun of me for taking pictures of the smog. At least the hills seemed fairly free of it!



Can you tell I’ve discovered the “Panorama” function on my new iPhone???



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