Getting back on my (running) feet

Things are looking up! I enjoyed a 3-mile run yesterday with no pain and hit 10 miles total for the week. I still made sure to get in a few nice bike rides to keep the injury blahs at bay and to spend some extra time outdoors.

Lessons of the week:

1) Wearing white clothing on a bike ride = mechanical problems and subsequent freak-outs about the undesirable combo of white technical fabric and greasy/grimy fingers.


Weak little thumbs 😦

2) Cyclists are impressively generous with offers of help and spares when you’re dealing with a flat on the side of the road. Luckily I had a spare tube, hand pump, and tire levers with me, but I was extremely grateful for the assistance of one cyclist with much stronger thumbs than mine! Getting those tires back on the rim is quite the struggle for my little wimp-thumbs.


I may have wimpy thumbs, but I am quite capable of patching a tire (even got to teach my husband how!). Very helpful skill with all the goat-heads strewn about every empty lot :-[

Total for the week: 66 miles (10 running, 56 bike) of freakishly warm February weather on clear, snow-free roads. Very unseasonal, and concerning as far as the Summer/Fall fire forecast goes, but at least I squeezed some joy out of the uncharacteristic weather…

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