Let the base training begin!

I just finished my 3rd day in a row of 3+ mile runs and my first hilly/trail run since screwing up my calf. Hurrah for several awesome running buddies and a three-day weekend back in my hometown!

Nothing hurts and I’m ready to get back to consistent running 🙂 I’m also hoping to keep a few cycling days in my schedule for variety and definitely want to hold on to the nice core/strength streak I have going. I’m hoping the little cross-training break will help me settle into an actual base building phase – at least 6 solid weeks of steady, easy running, core and strength work, and intelligent cross-training.

I’ve been jumping into workouts way too quickly during my last few ‘season’ of running, and I think my lingering toe issues and this recent calf strain are related to my lack of restraint. This time around I’m going to actually mark out the 6 weeks in my training log and stick to it! It also helps that I can’t sign up for any races because I have NO idea where I’ll be living after my lease ends at the beginning of April. Finding a full-time job would be really stellar just about now…but at least my vague, unsteady future is helping me be patient in my running. Silver linings I suppose…

Here I go, off to slowly, steadily conquer the (base training) world 😉


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