See ya later February and weeks 1&2 base training

February is almost gone and the winter weather has just reappeared here (sorry East Coast folks!). We actually got a little snow and the the temperatures have dropped far enough to keep me off the bike this week. My final ride (sans gloves, ack!) turned miserable when I hit the downhill-induced-speed windchill and a sleet-storm at the same time and my hands froze to my handlebars. Brrr…

I’ve been relatively busy again with thesis formatting, trying to get a paper draft prepped for my advisor, keeping up my internship hours, and staying abreast of post-graduation opportunities. Luckily, I’ve still had enough flexibility to get my runs in during daylight for the most part, which means extra motivation and the ability to stick to grass and trails 🙂 I hit 20 miles last week and the legs held up fine, so I’ll stick there this week and then gradually build up as tolerated. No fast stuff for now though, I’m refusing to even think about workouts until I hit my 6 dedicated weeks of base mileage!

I’m also totally geeking out lately and color-coding my running log by activity type. It’s surprisingly helpful – Strava is nice for viewing running and biking, but less helpful for tracking cross-training, rehab, weights, etc as separate categories. Writing out each activity in the appropriate color gives me a quick visualization of what I’ve kept up on during the week without much extra tracking effort. Low tech but effective!

Thank goodness for a rainbow of fine-tipped markers!

Thank goodness for a rainbow of fine-tipped markers!


3 thoughts on “See ya later February and weeks 1&2 base training

  1. Is that the oiselle running log?! I have it too and love it! Color coding by activity is a brilliant idea since there’s no way to differentiate between running and cross training in that log.

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