Base week #3

16.4 miles – not quite what I was hoping for this week. *sigh*

My calf has a little spot of irritation so I took an extra day off, giving up my hoped-for 20 mile week. Luckily, I was still able to get a decent amount of training in time-wise (3.5 hours), as my day off turned into a cycling day thanks to a surprise turn in the weather.

At the beginning of the week it looked like the weather might start behaving in a manner more becoming of a Wasatch winter:


Tuesday’s weather – snow was falling pretty much all day, stopped just in time for a perfect sunset-viewing run 🙂


Chilly but gorgeous.

And then on Friday the weather-gods decided that this whole winter storm thing was no fun and we suddenly got this:


Sunny, 55+ degrees, and no snow in sight!

Not typical March weather but perfect for biking. Well, apart from the single remaining ice patch hidden treacherously in the shade of an overpass – the resulting near-death experience spiced my ride up a little *too* much! Stayed on my wheels thanks to some miraculous combination of physics and proprioception.

I also fit in a couple strength sessions this week (chin-ups and dips, working those antagonistic muscle groups at least), along with 2 core workouts (ow!) and several calf/foot rehab sessions (boring but necessary).

I’m fairly content with this week of training, even if the mileage wasn’t there. I’m working to stay patient and to focus on gratitude for what I can do. After all, I’m still building, and was extremely lucky to get out on the bike to cross-train on my extra run-free day this time of year! I’ll take that for now 🙂


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