Argh…the calf is back :(

I’m back to what feels like square one with the injured calf 😦

Realistically, it’s much better (no cramping!) but still frustrating, as it suddenly re-emerged without any obvious provocation. No big hills, no speed work, nothing crazy with mileage….

Since this week is already crazy with all the packing and moving I’ve decided to just let my calf rest – no running, light rehab exercises, and some kinesiotape for support (“mildly effective” for some measures, according to a 2012 review summarized here).

I hope someone got that reference :P

I wear tape now. Tape is cool…

Unfortunately, the inability to run, and complete lack of time/motivation for cross-training, is coinciding with a high general stress level and I am feeling the effects. I’m more than a little on edge :-/ I’m looking forward to squeezing in a few bike rides next week before I leave the warm Spring weather here, and then supplementing my cross-training with some vigorous snow-shoe exploring once I get to Colorado. Hopefully getting some endorphins back in the mix will make the daunting challenge of starting anew 6 hours away less intimidating!


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