He likes it! *huge sigh of relief*

This past weekend MM and I visited our new place. The trip was mildly insane – 7 hour drive Saturday, unpack ALL THE THINGS, eat some charred brats (thanks tipsy and very friendly neighbors!), sleep a few hours, get up and unpack MOAR THINGS (with some help from now slightly hung-over but still very friendly neighbor). We narrowly avoided dying while moving the 450 pound gun safe (I freaking loathe that thing every time we move – although it’s far better than the risk of insecurely stored firearms) and left MountainTown with visions of a midnight arrival and our cozy bed back home dancing happily in our minds.

Except, change of plans, we ‘decided’ to miss our exit (adding on 3 hours) and then have the car die on us (another 3 hours). So instead of arriving home at midnight, we drove exhaustedly into town at 7 a.m., right in time to head off to work for 8 hours 😐  Good times!

Although this weekend left MM and I severely sleep-deprived and covered in weird sore spots and bruises from moving furniture, it also resulted in a huge load off of my mind. I’d been dreading arriving there and finding something amiss, or having MM discover that he actually hated the place we’d just leased for 12 months.

Instead, when I woke up Sunday morning I opened my eyes to find a missing MM, a missing pair of MM hiking boots, and this on my phone:


I might have gotten a little teary eyed reading that – for a few seconds I was able to just feel relieved and briefly let go of the bracing-for-the-inevatable-disaster mindset. I’m still cautious, but feel so much more enthusiastic about the move and much more confident that I might actually be lucky enough to swing the research + husband thing without making both of us miserable! Woohoo!

Here’s to getting the MountainMan back into the mountains 😉

4 thoughts on “He likes it! *huge sigh of relief*

  1. Congratulations on making it and starting the unpacking process! It’s definitely a huge relief 🙂

    Random question–but what app do you use to blur out portions of images? I’ve been trying to find one and can’t seem to; I’ve been downloading the images and modifying them on my laptop.

      • Oh, duh, they do have sketch apps and you can usually modify an existing picture. Those would work even if not specifically designed for anonymizing/blurring out photograph info 🙂

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