No, I’m most definitely not a nurse

Someone assumed I was a nurse today. Not at work of course, where my lack of scrubs* and absence of any aura of competency** prevents that assumption from being made. 

No, it was at the post office when I said I worked in*** the medical center.

Interestingly, the same USPS office worker who said this first assumed I was an elementary school teacher.****

I can’t really be insulted, since I’d get my ass kicked trying to do either of these jobs (exhausted just thinking about it!), but his choice of assumed professions was interesting. I guess what irritated me was not the specific professions assumed, but the assumption that I am a woman, and thus must work in an ‘acceptable’ profession (teaching and nursing both have high proportions of women and are both traditional woman’s jobs. For example, my dad has been the only man teaching at his k-8 school for almost a decade).

If I run into this particular person again I will most definitely be specifying that I’m an engineer, dammit! 

* I am super jealous of the scrubs. So comfy…until someone pukes/bleeds on you.

**somone did assume I was a lost patient my first day. That was mildly entertaining 😛 I hope to shed my “I’m lost” look soon!

*** physically in the medical center building, but NOT for the clinic. Research and clinic separated by some strict non-profit rules so I want to be clear, even in this more informal setting.

****my friend teaches high school science (bio, physics, chem, AND geology I think). She gets this all the time and has never ONCE been asked if she teaches physics/chemistry/science in general. Nope, they always ask if she teaches cute little kids :-/


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