First Easter alone

This is my first Easter on my own and it has certainly been a little strange. I did make it to Mass, which was nice and meant I at least got to be around people for an hour or so. And there was singing – my main sadness in missing church lately has been missing the singing. Perhaps not the intended main point πŸ˜›

Since then I’ve been trying to stave off the loneliness by cooking (pancakes, mmm), cleaning, and going on an epic run/hike!



i *really* wanted to climb into this snowbank. but i am dignified and serious so i refrained πŸ˜›


the aftermath – happy, muddy feet πŸ™‚

Now I’m hoping a short bike ride and some paper revisions can keep me occupied til I get to skype MountainMan…

Hope you all are enjoying your Easter Sunday πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “First Easter alone

    • It really is amazing scenery, makes it much easier to get out the door! Thanks, my new neighbors ended up inviting me to dinner & my husband finally skyped, so it got less lonesome in the eve πŸ™‚ were you able to do anything fun over the weekend?

  1. Yay for your neighbors and husband πŸ™‚ I traveled to Wales and actually got to spend a lot of time with family (especially my niece yay!) and friends. It’s exceptionally quiet now I’m back home!

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