Running update – more slow & steady but adjusting to the altitude

Running has continued to go well after getting back on my feet towards the end of March. I’m still being cautious and focusing on pacing myself and supplementing my running with plenty of cross-training. However, my mileage is slowly creeping back up (hopefully 16-17 mi this week after my ‘long’ run tomorrow) and I’m starting to be better at adjusting for the extra effort required at my new elevation. Hopefully I can add some strides in next week to help hold the altitude shuffle at bay and keep my stride mechanics from totally going to heck.


I still feel a little bummed by my mileage, but with the more consistent cross-training I’ve actually been getting more physical activity than usual, which is definitely helping me to stay positive through the stress of adjusting to a new location/living alone. The additional biking has also let me explore more than I would on foot.


Speaking of biking, I’m just over 1/3 of the way through #30daysofbiking and have hit some decent cycling mileage (for me). Last week’s weekend long ride was my longest recorded/remembered ride! I still don’t get how people survive 50 – 100 milers, but at least I’m improving my own (somewhat pitiful) bike endurance!  


6 thoughts on “Running update – more slow & steady but adjusting to the altitude

  1. Awesome progress. I’m almost at a point where I think I’ll start using Strava again. It’s really quite telling about myself but I don’t feel comfortable logging 1 run a week right now and fitbit more than covers the rest. I’m thinking I’m getting more physical activity at least by tracking that way and measuring steps…

    I never did any really long rides outside of the spinning bikes in the Gym but I really found movies helped there πŸ™‚ I can’t seem to stay in one place long enough to justify the purchase of a bike!

    Good luck with the rest of the 30 days!

    • Ooh, Fitbit is a brilliant idea! That’d be helpful for still having motivation for physical activity even when not in training mode.
      My family and I have rented bikes during travel on occasion, but I’m betting day renting would get quite pricey beyond the occasional weekend tour. I’m really impressed you can do the long spins indoors, even with movies that takes some serious willpower to keep the legs going while sitting in place!

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