An experiment in tayloring

So I have a bit of a problem when it comes to dress pants. Every pair I’ve ever bought is designed to fit someone with a wider waist and smaller thighs (ugh, runner problems! Apparently women aren’t supposed to have quads/hamstrings?!?). I’m not exactly the ideal, lanky-legged model they’re designed for, so I usually size up to fit my she-hulk legs and then hem them and cinch the gaping waist with a belt. 

However, the waist invariably still gapes and I end up with weird pleats from the belt. So recently, I bought an inexpensive pair of trousers from Target and decided to experiment with adding some waist darts. 

I started by trying the pants on and figuring out how much the waist needed to come in. Originally, I just extended the dart down to the lower edge of the waistband. Figure 1 shows this on the left interior, and on the exterior on the right in Fig. 2:

Figure 1

Figure 2


However, this gave me weird little butt points – not cute. I ended up extending the dart down to the top of the pocket as seen on the other seam in Figs. 1&2, and below in the green thread:


Ended up slightly puckered, but the fit is much improved overall! 

I swear I feel more enthused than I look…


Quads of dooooom


Any tips for improving the tayloring from sewing enthusiasts, or better fitting brand ideas from other muscular-legged gals out there?


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