Things I’ve learned halfway through #30daysofbiking

1) I can manage a run right after a ride if I take a 5-10 minute break. That weird bike-to-run transition feeling is barely there at that point, just enough to force me to ease into the run.


2) Once I get out the door it’s never as crappy as I envisioned from my comfy indoor perch. There’s a larger activation energy for me to get out the door for a ride than for a run. The extra gear, the tire check, the fact that my rides usually take longer, etc. I always vaguely dread starting my ride. But once I’m out I get to zoom down the hill from my house, wind in my hair and ground flying under my wheels, and everything about biking is instantly less horrible than it was just a few minutes before.



3) It is sometimes necessary to leave the house looking like this: 


When it’s 36 degrees and windy out looking stylish/not like a total weirdo gets tossed off the priority list and the only thing that matters is being WARM, dang it! Add some *stylish* neoprene fishing gloves borrowed from MM and some fancy shoe covers and this look is absolutely toasty. 

15 days to go, hopefully I can push through the last 50%!


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