Lonely Friday nights

Argh, I have no idea how to deal with these Fri/weekend evenings alone. During the week I know when I need to go to bed to prevent next-day exhaustion, but my Friday and weekend evening routines were always keyed off MM. Now I just pass these evenings trying to distract myself, and partially succeeding, but my evening routine feels a bit aimless and staying awake just means getting tired and a bit downhearted.

Maybe an early-morning Saturday running group would do the trick…but group runs don’t start here for several more weeks and for now it’s too easy for me to justify staying awake feeling lonesome and then sleep in if I have no one to meet bright and early. I keep thinking maybe someone will text or call or an interesting email will come through…but that’s a bit much to expect at 11pm πŸ˜›

 Sigh…would it be completely ridiculous to set an evening go-to-bed alarm clock? I suspect I’m one of the only 20-something folks who’s actually trying to go to bed earlier on Friday evenings πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Lonely Friday nights

  1. I know what you mean though my feeling is predicated around the weekends I have my daughter or not. I’d advise finding some other interests that can keep you occupied. A hobby (outside of the obvious running and cycling!) or a show on Netflix or really anything that can consistently take your mind off things. I like to try something productive but I’m generally terrible at that πŸ˜‰

    • Yea, I’m finding it hard to be motivated to do productive things during those times anyhow, so something easy & distracting like Netflix might be perfect. I’ve been trying podcasts but I usually have to also do something else more visual while listening (sketching, sewing, etc).

      • Yep! I love having audio on in the background but there always needs to be something tactile as well. But unmotivated and just relaxing is perfect for Netflix πŸ™‚

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