#30daysofbiking week 3

I just calculated my bike mileage total for the week and was happily surprised to see that I’d managed about 10 miles more than last week, for 62 miles total, in spite of several days of inclement weather. I’ve definitely been appreciating my cold-weather gear! I’d say my top 4 picks for vital nasty-weather cycling gear are 1) neoprene or other weather-resistant gloves, 2) shoe covers, 3) light-tinted sunglasses for wind/snow protection without dark shading, and 4) my awesome GORE wind proof/water-resistant jacket. On one of the nastier days I would have frozen without decent gear – I was shivering and covered in half-frozen slush as it was.  

Gorgeous but COLD


ah, that’s why my back/butt were so cold :-/


there is probably a disgusting name for this phenomenon – grit splashing up from my back tire and getting stuck behind my butt 😛


Luckily most of my gear is either old (all the running tights, some *free* from college track, woohoo!), borrowed (glasses, gloves), or was gotten on sale (shoe covers, jacket). I can see winter riding becoming extremely cost-prohibitive!

 I’m grateful that I’ve been able to obtain the necessary cold-weather clothing, enabling me to get some fresh air even in conditions that provide opportunities to work on toughening up 😉


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