Running update – Spring storms and a few hills!

One more week of decent running n the barn! I was a bit worried on Tuesday because I had a couple brief calf twinges during my run. I still managed four miles, but had to reign myself in the last two miles after starting off too fast (sub 7:50 pace, ack!) and apparently irritating my calf.

I took Weds off to be safe and then cautiously returned to my planned schedule. Fortunately, with cautious pacing I’ve had no more calf problems this week and got to enjoy a slightly longer, hillier run today. I had planned to hit 20 miles total, and even with the additional day off I managed 19.5, so really pleased with that! If things feel fine next week I’ll start adding in a few less conservatively paced miles.

It has been rather unpredictable weather-wise but I’ll take sleet, hail, and rain as long as I’ve got healthy legs/feet!


hail storm!


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