Thus the name of this blog…

Things that distracted me from my intended Spring cleaning today:

1) Muffins! Turns out boxes pancake mix from the neighbors from the food bank from iHop (what a journey!) makes rocking muffins. Just add eggs, oil, sugar, and milk!

2) My dinner had bones in it. This obviously requires me to carefully inspect said bones because bones are INTERESTING. But seriously, look at all these radioulnar articulations:

Yes, that’s FOUR. Plus, I assume, a distal one near the wrist. Here’s a human forearm for comparison, which has just two (illustration from Gray’s Anatomy):

Two radioulnar joints – one at the elbow (right side in above image), one at the wrist, allowing the two long bones to twist and allow us to perform handy movements like twisting door-knobs.

Edited: Apparently porcupine “arms” should be more similar to ours – mine had an injury or disease and had some funky bone growth going on. Found an awesome post on porcupine skeleton re-articulation here and saw that her porcupine skeleton radius and humerus are much more straight and slender, with a much more open interosseous space and a single proximal and single distal radioulnar articulation. Here’s her porcupine skeleton forelimb for comparison:


3) Sketching/drawing. Working on this was wayyyy more appealing than vacuuming. And I managed not to ruin it in spite of choosing to work with ink. Miraculous!

4) Reading. I’m currently reading Unbroken and absolutely loving it thus far. I haven’t sat down and read a new book in forever, so having time is really nice…even if it means neglecting the laundry I’d meant to put away.


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