Highest mileage running week since February!!!

Last week I ran a feeble total of 8 miles due to what felt like the beginnings of a plantar fasciitis flare up and maybe a *touch* of injury paranoia. I’m just so sick of getting injured so I’m trying to stick to the mindset that it’s better to overreact and get ahead of any aches.

I took 3 days completely off running and then did an easy test run on Sunday. Everything felt fine so I was able to do the group run I’d planned on Monday (free club tech t-shirts! Free beer! Runner talk! Oh yeaaaaa). 

That felt fine so I just kept running and somehow ended up running every day this week. I alternated long and short days, but never felt any pain, or enough fatigue to feel like I needed an off day. I plan to take one after tomorrow’s group run, but making it over a week without HAVING to take a day off felt amazing!

I finished this week up with a 10 kilometer run through a snowy, windy morning.  

After adding up the miles, I realized that, at 26 miles, this has been my highest mileage week/first week over 20 miles since the last week in February, and my 10k long run was my longest run since the first week of 2015!   

 Time sure flies when you’re injured 😛 


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