Training update

I got in 14 miles in my running shoes and 82 miles on my bike wheels for just over 7 hours of total fun endorphin/oxygen-deprived gasping time this week. Hurrah!

To put this in perspective, my coworker who’s training for a half-Ironman put in something like 18 hours this week! I’ll take my 7 hours though – still more than I usually do and definitely enough to feel like I’m working 🙂


a rare bit of sunshine!

I broke my bike mileage and long-ride PRs with 82 and 26.5 miles, respectively, and am starting to think I might actually be able to work up to the 60 miles required for the charity ride I’m eyeing in July. I definitely need to work on fueling and on staying tough on the up hills when fatigued. 

top of one particularly brutal hill

My running mileage was lower than I would have liked, but with the extra biking that’s probably a good thing. I took some extra days off because the stupid-toe has been a bit whiney. Still getting better, though it’s a struggle to maintain my patience and not allow myself to get overly frustrated with what often seems like imperceptible progress.

Finishing the week off with some weights, core, and foot care today and hopefully on to more time out on the roads and trails next week!



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