Can’t believe it’s (half way through!!!) the weekend already!

This past week just flew by thanks to the delights of IRB paperwork and Important Person signature wrangling. Oh boy!

On the training front things are going fine – I was kind of grouchy/fatigued all week but felt fine as far as injuries and am on track to hit about 20 miles running, 80 biking. I was mostly grumbly because the weather was crap and I had to bike home two days in clothes that were still damp from morning commute downpours. Gross 😐 

I managed to get my grumpy self out the door for 30 miles this morning and managed to time my ride *perfectly* to actually take full advantage of 2 straight hours of sun! Aaaaamazing πŸ™‚  


I also managed to do the first 15 miles with a significant tailwind, and downhill, which meant the ride back was slightly more arduous than it really needed to be. That last 5 hurt. The thought of doing another 30 plus 8 more is daunting. However, I felt about as crappy as I did for last week’s 25 miler, so if I can do 35 next week and feel only as horrible as this week, and then 40 feeling the same, I suppose I’ll eventually make it to 68 with a crummy last 5 πŸ˜‰

Running is going well, and I’ll be doing a slightly longer 4 mile run tomorrow like a real endurance champ. I am actually excited, in spite of the sarcasm – if I can do 4 with no pain tomorrow that means I can sprinkle in maybe two 4-milers next week. Progress!

Speaking of running, I may be putting up a running-clothes sewing post this weekend! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any sewing stuff and I’m excited to have some progress on an old, stalled project to show off πŸ™‚

Here’s a preview – mesh running top! (not quite finished with the neck)

***WAIT…it’s a long weekend and I totally have 2 more weekend days! It’s only 1/3 of the way through πŸ˜€ yessss***


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