Training – May summary and comparison to the past 12 months

I was able to run just over 84 miles this month, which is more than I’ve run in a month since December and my 5th highest running mileage month out of the last 12! Looking at the numbers provided confirmation that my patience and caution are paying off, in spite of the short-term frustration. 

Looking at my mileage on the bike, I hit 282 miles and definitely appreciate the benefits of those rolling miles. Qualitatively, the biking is helping with getting my fresh-air-and-endorphin dose and is helping me to chill out about the relatively low running mileage limits (compared to what I was running in college/high school). 

I got a bit curious about the quantitative contribution of my cycling training, so decided to add up my running and biking time to see how my total aerobic training time compared to what I’ve done over the past year.
Here’s a screenshot* of a table summarizing my training distance and time over the last 12 months: 

Those zeros in the bike column are a good reminder that I am still a beginner on the bike and need to be ok with not comparing favorably to my cyclist friends 😛 Sometimes I’m too competitive for my own good…


Ok, so I’ve definitely made a jump in overall training time in the last couple months! Less specificity, but in terms of general fitness definitely better than just running. For comparison, college I was running about 30 hours/month in-season. Seems a bitunfathomable from where I’m at now but I’m grateful to approach that number with the added cross-training. 

For easier comparison I created a plot of my training time in hours versus the year in months: 

Yes, my axis labels are not quite as they should be. My advisor would be so ashamed but I’m not willing to re-open Excel to fix it right now…For ‘Hours’ read ‘Training time [hours]’ and for ‘month-year’ read ‘Time [month-year]’ please 😁


It’s nice to see my average running mileage climbing back up and surprising, but pleasing, to see that my training time actually stayed pretty steady even with the running dip when viewed from more of a long time-scale perspective. 

I suppose I could get a better idea of my running-specific training by adjusting the biking time for efficiency, i.e. multiplying that time by an adjustment of 3/4 or whatever to account for it being less optimal sport-specific training than actual running, but I think at this point it’s more beneficial for me to just focus on the positive side of getting outside and getting my legs, lungs, and heart working, no matter what the specific activity is. 

Summer weather has finally arrived in the Colorado mountains, so here’s to getting out and about, no matter what the modality, and taking full advantage of the few months of warmth!
 *Apologies for the image quality, not having home wifi and blogging from my phone is a bit tricky sometimes 😕 And yes, I could have made the table in Google docs on my phone and gotten a nice screenshot instead of a camera-phone-shot-of-my-laptop-screen, but that’s way too much additional thumb typing!


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