A few observations from the lab/new job

Waiting on a shared license to open up at work and needing a break from reading imaging articles, so here’s few observations from the last couple weeks in the lab:

  • I am definitely not used to working/focusing while loud conversations take place in my immediate vicinity. Especially when these overheard conversations include things like descriptions of one’s epic plan for advertising one’s medical practice using photos of oneself in cowboy hat, boots, and a thong. I’m really hoping that plan wasn’t serious…and I *really* need to get some better headphones.
  • I have never sent as many emails as I have in the last few weeks. I’m really trying to limit email to necessary items only, but I’m interacting with more people than I did in grad school (excluding students) and it seems that the endless stream in inevitable – especially since I’m the only lab-member physically at the lab most of the time.
  • Watching someone casually dig through a freezer of disembodied limbs is a little disconcerting. I’ve worked with animal specimens before, including canine limbs (from deceased, donated pets), as well as human cadavers during an anatomy course, and don’t generally find the idea gruesome or disturbing. But a freezer full of limbs is still a bit overwhelming to wrap my head around. However, when I stop inhabiting my body I’d be totally down with it becoming a research/medical education specimen – might as well stay useful… and potentially freak someone out as an added bonus 😉
  • Casual Fridays are awesome. Going from jeans-and-T’s every day during grad school to dress pants and nice tops has been a rough transition. The impractical shoes, general lack of pockets, worries about getting coffee/ink/lunch etc. all over my dry-clean-only slacks…ugh. So the change to throw on some jeans and a less fancy top is absolutely glorious 🙂

2 thoughts on “A few observations from the lab/new job

  1. I *really* need to get some better headphones.

    One of the first purchases I made upon arriving at my new gig was a set of these noise-canceling headphones. The $300 price tag does indeed induce a bit of sticker shock, but holy crap are they amazing. I wish every day I’d had them when I was working on my dissertation in a cubicle farm. Ambient conversation vanishes. Totally worthwhile, in my humble opinion.

    • Hm may have to check into something like those. Getting really tired of essentially attending every meeting and phone call due to a severe office door shortage for the admin folks that surround my desk 😛 Although I’m way more in on what’s going on behind the scenes than I would be otherwise…

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