Last couple weeks of training 

Both running and biking have been going really well. I have had some really tired days, but managed a high mileage biking week (95 miles, high for me!) last week and am in my 4th 20-mile week for running if I get at least 1 mile in tomorrow. My 40-mile ride went amazingly in spite of spending the 2nd half shivering in the pouring rain and worrying about succumbing to hypothermia before reaching home and a hot shower. My legs actually felt absolutely amazing even while the rest of me froze.

I had one day of toe soreness this week but was able to get on top of it by taking the next day off and doing lots of rolling and icing throughout the week. I did a hard 4 miler on the trails today with the running group (and a national mountain running champ! This the hard!) and the toe felt good so I think I caught it in time with my early-week day off and foot-torture.

The snow has melted on the ski hill, which means the trails are calling. I had a frustrating couple days at work at the end of the week – difficulty focusing and some distracting interruptions. However, all my aggravation got oxygen-deprived/endorphined away the instant I stepped foot on the hill and started gasping my way through the thin air and over the rough terrain. The views were pretty bad-mood-destroying as well 😉



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