IT band is playing the song of pain

I was supposed to be warming up for a trail race right now. Instead, I’m sitting in my living room on a sunlit patch of carpet, pondering how to fill a run-free, bike-free weekend. My IT band begins to ache unless I sit with my hip in *just* the right position as I type this.
My IT band started acting up on Monday. I suspect that it became tight, but a symptomatic, during my 50-mile ride and then became irritated during the group run on Monday, which started out at a veeerrryyy slow pace, a known trigger for my IT band. I ran 4 miles on it Weds with some pain and rolled it out thoroughly afterwards, hoping that would solve the problem. However, Thursday was worse, and I made it only half a mile before deciding to stop. 
I’m guessing (hoping?) the increased pain was due to bruising from the foam roller, but I’ve decided to take a 3 day break rather than testing that hypothesis. My right glutes/tensor fascia lata are still uncomfortably tight and the band itself is very unhappy when I start poking around the distal portion near my knee. 
On the positive side, I got to sleep in this morning. And I was kind of dreading my long ride, so maybe the more desirable mental break from the bike will make the anxiety-inducing physical break tolerable. I’m just giving my training a chance to soak in, right? 
Now I just need to spend the next couple days using my run/bike-free time productively, keeping the band happy with stretching, icing, and some gentler foam rolling, and not panicking about the what-ifs…


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